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"Whiplash Session 001"

Toronto based artist Fourkayy brings melodic and drill vibes to the Whiplash Session, a very special moment for the Whiplash Network

 Artist: https://www.instagram.com/1fourkayy/ 

Link to Fourkayy's Music: https://fanlink.to/FourkayyReplacement

"Whiplash Session 002"

Hamilton based artist Genom brings two completely different flows to Whiplash Sessions 002 

 Artist: https://www.instagram.com/itsgenom/ 

Link to Genom's Music: https://music.itsgenom.com/SOUNDPACK001

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What is "Whiplash Sessions"?

If you're a talented artist looking to add work to your portfolio, Whiplash Network has the perfect platform for you. Whiplash Sessions is a brand new youtube show that gives artist a chance to showcase their work in a a unique environment. Artist get the chance to perform a live freestyle, exclusive unreleased and or an already released song in the whip (car) (hence the name (Whip)lash Sessions) alongside amazing visuals. Sign up in the form below, include your name, email and some of your best work and we will definitely get back to you. 

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